Discover Drone Soccer

Drone Soccer is an exciting emerging sport that skilfully combines drone technology with the dynamics of team play. In this exciting sport, the drones are equipped with protective cages to prevent damage in the event of collision with other drones or obstacles.

How does it work?

Two teams of three players each compete to score goals in the opposing camp. Players have total control of their drones from a distance, allowing them to fly them at different heights. This unique feature opens the door to exciting and varied game strategies.

A booming sport

Drone Soccer is a relatively new sport that is rapidly growing in popularity in different parts of the world. It offers a unique competitive experience by combining modern technology with the traditional aspects of the sport, making it particularly attractive to younger generations looking for something new and competitive.

A fun, futuristic sport

Drone Soccer is a unique sport that combines elements of Harry Potter's Quidditch with those of football. It can be played one-on-one or in teams of three players, and like Quidditch, the main objective is to score by passing the ball through a ring.

A futuristic sport

Drone Soccer represents the very essence of futurism. It combines drone technology with the thrill of sport, creating an unparalleled experience. It's hard to think of a more futuristic sport than this!

Suitable for all generations

This fun sport appeals to enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're a fan of the Harry Potter series or a traditional sports fan, Drone Soccer offers a unique experience that's ready to appeal to all generations.

Inclusive: Drone Soccer for All

Drone Soccer is a sport that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender or disability. It encourages diversity within the same team and strengthens social ties. Drone Soccer is an undeniable embodiment of social inclusion.

Cohesion: Drone Soccer as a tool for learning and connection

Flying a drone may seem complex at first, but an introduction to the sport can help everyone learn the basics. As well as being an entertaining sport, Drone Soccer is used as a learning tool to introduce young people to robotics and programming.

It offers a valuable opportunity for everyone to disconnect from their screens, create a positive atmosphere and strengthen team cohesion. Drone Soccer goes beyond the game to encourage learning, creativity and connection between its players.

Drone Soccer and Disability......

Drone soccer can be an interesting option for people with reduced mobility who want to take part in a sport involving remote-controlled drones. Since the sport is based on flying drones, it can offer an opportunity for participation to people who have physical limitations but who are able to control the drones using adapted devices.

Technical adaptations may be considered to enable people with reduced mobility to fly drones in an accessible way. This may include the use of special controls adapted to individual needs, such as one-handed controls.

What makes Drone Soccer truly captivating is that it distinguishes itself from other futuristic sports such as robot combat or drone racing by incorporating a team dimension. Like football, Drone Soccer is a team sport where the notion of collaboration is paramount. This means putting in place winning strategies that go beyond mere technical performance or dexterity in piloting drones.

What is a Drone Soccer?