Private lessons

Discover the pleasure of flying a drone during our personalised lessons tailored to your needs.

The introduction to the recreational drone will include the following elements:

• Regulations: Learn the essential rules and regulations for flying safely and in compliance with current legislation.

• Introduction to flying: Develop basic flying skills, master the controls and learn to control your drone with complete confidence.

• Agile piloting: Improve your skills by piloting with precision and fluidity, performing advanced manoeuvres and managing different flight conditions.

• FPV Immersion: Immerse yourself in an immersive first-person view (FPV) experience and learn to fly your drone using goggles or a screen for a unique flying sensation.

Would you like to learn to fly a drone?

At Hélicoracing, we offer courses dedicated to recreational drone piloting. Whether you're a beginner or want to develop your existing skills, our qualified instructors are here to support you.

Learn the basics of flying, flight techniques and the safety rules you need to enjoy your drone to the full. Our courses are tailored to your pace and needs, so you can acquire the necessary skills gradually and confidently.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover a new passion and have fun with your drone.

Contact us today to start your adventure into the exciting world of drone piloting.

Private Lessons